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Safe and Simple

Our Nano Additives are food safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous,
non-corrosive. They are non-reactive to any cleaning chemical, have a neutral pH and are fully biodegradable.

Fruit Flies and Gnats
Restaurants' #1 pest control problem, solved.

On inspections we always excelled on cleanliness, yet we were always written up because of fruit flies and gnats.
Since using this product, we have had no flies or gnats on our produce and none in our kitchens for five years straight. Incredible product.

Dave Deets, Brown's Super Stores Inc., Shoprite

Hood & Filter
Cleans the entire hood in less than 60 seconds

One Ounce a Day Changes Everything

One ounce to your mop water and clean as you always do.
No added labor. Virtually no training required.
You will never have a fruit fly or gnat issue again.