Before using this product, we were always written up on inspections concerning fruit flies and gnats in our grocery stores. Every quarter. We have had no fruit flies or gnats for four years now.

Dave Deets, Director of Store Development, Brown's Super Stores Inc., Shoprite

What is the Difference between Cleaners and Apps?

Apps are nano based technologies that are designed to perform very specific functions that are impossible to perform otherwise. Cleaners remove matter from surfaces, such as grease. A cleaner cannot eliminate grease inside of a hood, unless you hire a company to clean it for you. It takes a large measure of labor to remove the grease from inside a hood.

When it comes to hiding odor molecules from food and drink, that is impossible outside of our Cloaking App. A cleaner cannot address fruit flies and gnats. When it comes to urine odor, a cleaner eliminates the odor when you're cleaning. It does nothing for urine odor while it is happening. Cloaking eliminates odor within 3 minutes, every time urine hits the floor.

Our Apps and Products are Extremely Safe

All of our Apps and Products are food safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-corrosive.
They each have a neutral pH and are fully biodegradable.

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