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Fruit Flies & Gnats

Pilot and Navigator

1 Gallon (one ounce pump included)
128 Applications per gallon

Add one ounce to any floor cleaning solution, clean the same as you always have. Virtually no training and no labor. The App does all of the work for you.

Safe for use with all types of floor cleaning solutions. Does not affect any floor cleaner's performance, nor does it cause any adverse reactions.

One Ounce a Day is All it Takes

No matter what type of food or drink business, one ounce of this App completely eliminates these pests. Add it to any cleaning solution and clean as you always do. The App works on the odor molecules in the air that come from any type of food or drink. Because they cannot smell the food, they think no food is present. And because of that, they leave seeking food elsewhere.

Virtually no training required. Simple and Safe.

Add one ounce to any floor cleaning solution. Clean your floor as you always do. It does not affect the performance of your cleaner and has no adverse reactions to any type of cleaner.

Within 7 days the fruit flies and gnats will be gone.

Food safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive; neutral pH and is fully biodegradable.