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Pilot and Navigator

4 x 1 gallon case (dispensing pump included)
4 gallons normally lasts 2 months
5x Super Concentrate

Add one ounce per gallon of mop water, clean the same as always. The Apps do all of the work.

World's Only Nano based Cleaner

A cleaning chemistry that is second to none, designed to work and accentuate the nanotech loaded into it... you will quickly find that this is the best floor cleaner/all-purpose cleaner you have ever used.

Most Benefits Ever Available in a Cleaner

Most cleaners brag about how well their cleaner cuts grease.
Paradox cuts grease extremely well, but it actually eliminates it too.
But the nano based Paradox brings every nano app we have created, bringing you close to a dozen different benefits not available in any other cleaner. Period.