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Safe and Simple

Our Nano Additives are safe for use with all types of floor cleaning solutions. It is a neutral additive that does not affect any floor cleaner's performance, nor does it cause any adverse reactions.
It simply 'piggy backs' in the water.

This additive is not an insecticide or pesticide.
It does not affect the pest at all, it simply makes it so that the pests cannot detect the smell of food.

Food Safe
Non-hazardous . Non-toxic . Non-corrosive . Non-reactive
Neutral pH . Fully biodegradable

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Fruit Flies & Gnats

Neutral Nano based Additive. 
Safe for use in Any type of cleaning solution. 
1 Gallon (one ounce pump included). 
128 Applications per gallon

Add one ounce per mop bucket of cleaning solution, clean the same as always. For quart spray bottles of all-purpose or multi-purpose cleaners, add one ounce as well. Not made for sanitizing solutions.

128 Applications in One Gallon Bottle

Add one ounce to any floor cleaning solution, clean as you always do. Virtually no training and no labor required.
The product does all of the work for you.

Simply add one ounce to your mop water. That's all it takes.
Extremely economical.

On quarterly inspections we always excelled on the cleanliness of our stores, yet we were always written up because of fruit flies and gnats. Every quarter.

Since using this product, we have had no fruit flies or gnats for five years straight.

Dave Deets, Brown's Super Stores Inc., Shoprite

We had been using this product for over a year with great success, no flies or gnats at all.

One day we had a produce order come in with fruit flies and gnats all over it. Once we caught it, we were too late. They were everywhere. In less than 48 hours, there wasn't a single gnat in the place.

Scott B, Restaurant Owner

I own a restaurant with a bar. We do most of our business year round, but especially in the spring and summer. And there are always flies and gnats.

Three days into the product, we didn't have a single gnat or fly in the place. Thought that was impossible. Definitely recommend it to anyone who owns or runs a restaurant. Especially if it has a bar.

Dean W., Owner

I'm a restaurant manager of over 20 years. I have tried everything for getting rid of flies and gnats. Everything is subpar at best.

We started using Fruit Flies and Gnats and in a few days they were all gone. This is by far the best product I have ever used on flies and gnats.

Keith G., Restaurant General Manager