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Hood & Filter System

Pilot and Navigator

1 gallon of 5X concentrate, 
yields 5 gallons of product.

Atomized sprayer required on initial purchase.
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We have been using Hood & Filter at all of our twelve locations for over four years now. We save on average $40,000 a year, and have saved a ton of labor as well. We swear by the product.

Dave Deets, Director of Store Development, Brown's Super Stores Inc., Shoprite

Quarterly Inspection Photos. Take a peak under the hood.

These photos are from a high volume, QSR Burger restaurant that uses Hood & Filter. These are the actual quarterly inspection photos, from a manual application of Hood & Filter. It shows you how well the self cleaning system works, even with manual applications.

No pressure washing was involved.

Third Party Inspection Photos - Casual Dining Brand

This is a heavy volume, national casual dining brand. The photos were taken during a third party quarterly inspection. Hood & Filter had been used throughout a 180 day period.
You can see how clean the system is from the filters to the exhaust fan.