On quarterly inspections we always excelled on the cleanliness of our stores, yet we were always written up because of fruit flies and gnats. Every quarter.

Since using MAC, we have had no fruit flies or gnats for four years straight.

Dave Deets, Director of Store Development, Brown's Super Stores Inc., Shoprite

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Pilot and Navigator

1 Gallon (one ounce pump included)
128 Applications per gallon

Add one ounce to any floor cleaning solution, clean the same as you always have. Virtually no training and no labor. The Apps do all of the work for you.

Extremely economical. Less than $23 per month.

It only takes one ounce of MAC to any floor cleaning solution to get all the advertised benefits. The one gallon bottle of MAC gives you 128 applications. That's less than $23 per month.

Safe for use with all types of floor cleaning solutions.
Does not affect any floor cleaner's performance, nor does it cause any adverse reactions.

Is your restaurant brand in a contract with a chemical supplier but you would like the benefits of Paradox?

No problem. MAC has all of the same benefits as Paradox but is not a cleaner. MAC is a nanotech additive put into the mop water of an existing floor cleaner, it itself is not a cleaner.

Virtually no training required. Add one ounce to a mop bucket of any cleaning solution.
MAC is safe to use with any type of cleaning chemical, and will not cause any adverse reaction.
Food safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive. Neutal pH and fully biodegradable.